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Enjoying Dawa Tour

Enjoying Dawa Tour Packages
Country: Cote D'Ivoire
City: San Pedro
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Beach Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Day 1: Abidjan - San Pedro (368 Kms)

Departure in the early afternoon towards San Pedro. Arrival late evening, installation in hotels. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Excursion to Grand Bereby

Breakfast, departure towards Grand Bereby. True pole of attractions which includes sublime beaches, calm bays, a sea favorable to swimming in any season favorable to the relaxation. Arrival, installation on the beautiful beach of Dawa, a real natural pool with rocky coves, beautiful site shaded by a fascinating landscape of coconut trees. Lunch. Return in the afternoon to San Pedro, a free neighborhood. Overnight.

Day 3: San Pedro - Abidjan

Breakfast, relaxation time. As an option, visit the Port of San Pedro. Lunch. Departure towards Abidjan. Arrival in the evening.


1. Grand-Bassam

Proudly touting its UNESCO World Heritage tag, Grand-Bassam bursts forth from the Ivorian coast with the medley of elegant Parisian mansions and crafted colonial municipal buildings that are the Ancien Bassam district. New Grand-Bassam is where most of the action takes place today, while the beaches to the west and east are where the resort hotels reside.

2. Abidjan

The sprawling, beating heart of the nation makes its home on the south coast, along the wide coastal reaches of the Ebrié Lagoon. With more than four million people calling it home, it hails in as the second-largest metropolis in all of West Africa. And although not officially the capital of Ivory Coast (that honor goes to Yamoussoukro), it’s perhaps the better city to go for an introduction to the nation. Visitors can wander the frenetic streets of the buzzing central Plateau district, see the looming Francophone spires of St.Paul’s Cathedral, hit the National Museum, party down heady Princess Road, eat local cassava curries on the street corners.

3. Man

Springing up from the rain-doused, rugged edges of the soaring Toura Mountains, deep in the heartlands of the country, the rustic town of Man comes surrounded by seemingly endless swathes of verdant plantain farms and cocoa plantations.

4. Taï National Park

A colossal slab of over 3,000 square kilometers is taken up by the vast reserves of the Taï National Park, making it one of the greatest protected areas of what remains of the Upper Guinean rainforests – once the dominant habitat in all of West Africa, ranging from Gabon all the way to Senegal. A feral land, it’s carved with colossal river valleys and dressed in moist woods, spiked with otherworldly inselberg mountains and fringed by rolling savannah.

5. Jacqueville

Fringed by a stretch of typically Ivorian ivory sands, little Jacqueville spills down into the sea from the far side of the Ebrié Lagoon, its sun-kissed beaches emerging from the swathes of pineapple groves to meet the frothy rollers of the Atlantic Ocean. Clusters of old Parisian arcades and colonial builds stand decaying under the shade of the palm trees, while thatched beach huts meet painted timber longboats along the shore.

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