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Boulay Island Day Tour

Boulay Island Day Tour Packages
Country: Cote D'Ivoire
City: Abidjan
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Boarding a boat bus at the platform for a lagoon cruise. Visit of the Abidjan Port Authority, the Fishing Port, the Container Terminal, the Vridi Canal, the Bay of Billionaires, the "Cimétière des Bateaux" ... Lunch at Eden Park Boulay Island or similar frame nice devoted to rest and relaxation. Afternoon, relaxing time. Back at the end of the day in Abidjan.

Explore More About Boulay Island:

The name of Île Boulay has applied to an island in the Ébrié Lagoon on Ivory Coast. This island is relatively unpopulated (a bit over 10,000 people) and remains in an undeveloped state, considering its proximity to the urban areas of Abidjan. Île Boulay is only 15 minutes from downtown Abidjan by boat. It contains vacation cottages for some of the richer residents of the city. Water skiing is a popular activity offshore.

Ile Boulay is the main island chain in the Ébrié Lagoon, near Abidjan’s seaport and the Atlantic Ocean. The common way to get there is by boat.

Most places on the island don’t have electricity or running water. Even though, the island is home to fishing villages that have preserved their architectural and social authenticity.

There’s a half-hour drive through nature to get to the villages. The scenery is interesting and changes throughout the ride. But seating on a bench that wasn’t attached to anything with these bumpy roads was definitely not comfortable!

On arriving at the village, go on a little walk. You will feel a bit like aliens, but overall the people there were really nice. This is a fishermen's village and the people there are more or less isolated from the modern world of the city.

It was also super hot and humid, a thing you have to get used to when you are in Abidjan and its surroundings. So when going on this kind of tour you must bring along enough water.

Don't miss to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Ile Boulay!!

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