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Le Dipri

Sikensi, Cote D'Ivoire

Dipri or Dipo literally means "falling into the river". The Dipri, is a state of trance that announces, prepares and accompanies the great demonstrations that are confused with magic.
The Dipri is a traditional festival of the country Abidji (Sikensi population).
The place of practice of the Dipri is in Gomon, a town 85 km from Abidjan.
The Dipri is a popular annual initiation festival in Abidji country. It is a festival that symbolizes the manifestation of the population of Séké.
Séké refers to the power and strength that makes these supernatural manifestations possible. It is a question of showing to the laymen the power of certain men who, by mutilating themselves publicly, can heal their wounds with leaves, kaolin and eggs.

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