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Dominantes Gallery

Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

The main activity of the Dominantes Gallery (as "dominant colors") is the framing and the creation of stylized shades. However, the establishment also has a space "young creators" welcoming a great variety of artisanal works of art ranging from linens to decorative objects through office accessories, photographs, paintings and drawings of young people promising talents of the moment, all beautifully highlighted by high quality frames. As in the case of most "luxury" crafts from Abidjan, the principle is to revisit the traditional African art by bringing a touch of modernism, which gives here a very happy result, especially through the house lamps that mix harmoniously wrought iron, precious woods and colorful fabrics, including the loincloth. Purists will also find their happiness, with some more traditional objects such as settlers, reproductions of antiques and various pieces of furniture, all very beautiful. A reference brand on Abidjan, distinguished by its expertise, professionalism and passion for beauty.

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